About Us

UVC Dosimeters are made by Intellego Technologies, a Swedish research and development company 

Since its founding in 2011, Intellego Technologies has grown to become the world leader in photochromic indicator technology, preferred by Academic Researchers, OEMs and used in Industry Applications around the world. With its patented photochromic ink that changes color based on exposure to ultraviolet irradiation or specific substances, Intellego produces the highest quality dosimeters in a variety of formats and custom options to meet the constantly evolving needs of ultraviolet measurement in healthcare, curing, food processing and packaging, water disinfection, horticulture and beyond.

Intellego Technologies is headquartered in Stockholm, with product development and manufacturing based in the southwest region of Sweden.

We have business development professionals who cover every corner of the world. Contact us today to learn more.

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Expertise and an Entrepreneurial Approach 

Our business model includes development projects with OEMs and distributors, as well as sales of consumer products through retailers. We have a unique development model which allows us to take a product idea to market launch within six months.

Working with our partners, Intellego employs an entrepreneurial mindset and R&D expertise to escalate the time to market, while reducing the risk and cost of clients’ development projects.

If you have a project or product needs that you’d like to explore with Intellego Technologies, let’s talk! 

Working around the world

Intellego’s UVC Dosimeter line has seen explosive growth in the past few years. UV-C disinfection devices are now being utilized in virtually every industry, which is driving the need for 3rd-party validation to ensure authenticity, optimal performance and proper usage.  Intellego’s color-changing dosimeter technology enables end-users in any industry to confirm the safe, effective and efficient use of ultraviolet disinfection systems. Our products not only build consumer confidence in the use of UV-C, they also increase equipment sales and provide a channel for recurring revenue.

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