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UVC Dosimeters available via American Sanitary Products

If you are a U.S. Federal agency (military or civilian), Qualified Non-Profit, State or Local Government or Government Contractor, UVC Dosimeters are available for purchase via American Sanitary Products (ASP), an SDVOSB.

ASP is a supplier on the MSPV program for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and specializes in federal government contracting with the Department of Veterans Affairs, The Bureau of Prisons and many other government facilities.

The company was founded in 1991 and has grown to become one of the largest service-disabled veteran owned small businesses (SDVOSB) in its category in the United States of America.

(410) 729-2033
(410) 729-3452 (FAX)
GSA Contract GS-07F-5870P

For specific product information or for assistance with QA/Auditing Initiatives for Ultraviolet Disinfection systems, please contact Intellego Technologies’ U.S. business division at (800) 485-8863.


UVC Dosimeters can be used to:


Train/educate staff on best-practices with ultraviolet equipment


Measure device performance to ensure all surfaces receive a sufficient dose of UV energy



Identify optimal placement of UV equipment to reduce the effects of shadowing


Optimize device run-times to support efficiency and increase utilization


Improve the disinfection process and reduce the incidence of healthcare-associated infections

We’re proud to support quality assurance and auditing initiatives with UV Disinfection in facilities serving U.S. veterans.

UVC Dosimeters are easy-to-use indicator cards that can help improve the quality of your enhanced disinfection programs with germicidal ultraviolet irradiation.
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