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In an industry first, UVC Dosimeters by Intellego are being used to validate UV toothbrush devices

In the competitive marketplace of consumer electronic products that include a UV-C component for disinfection or sanitization, it has been virtually impossible for consumers to easily verify which products offer real germicidal capability, until now.

The Wenzhou Jiaxiang Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. has partnered with Intellego Technologies to include UVC Dosimeters with its Toothbrush Sanitizing products. The dosimeters enable customers to easily and accurately verify that a sufficient dose of ultraviolet germicidal energy has been delivered, which builds confidence in the quality of the product.

David Chen, APAC Managing Director – Intellego Technologies, explained that Wenzhou Jiaxang sought to differentiate its line of toothbrush sanitizers that use Philips UVC LED lamps to quickly and safely inactivate harmful pathogens on the brushes.

“Because UV-C is an invisible technology, the easiest way to determine if it is working properly is to use color-changing dosimeter cards that visually indicate the dose of irradiation that has been delivered,” said Chen. “Seeing a blue light is not enough to confirm actual UV-C energy, because the germicidal wavelength is invisible to the human eye. We are proud that Wenzhou Jiaxang is taking the lead in differentiating their superior products and giving customers the power to confirm it.”

According to an associate at Wenzhou Jiaxang, the company is selling its toothbrush sanitizers through e-commerce platforms (Tmall, Jingdong) and will be promoting videos on Douyin to demonstrate the toothbrush sanitizers along with UVC Dosimeters.

Overall, the current sales volume of toothbrush sanitizers is approximately 150,000 units per month. The Wenzhou Jiaxang company is confident that UVC Dosimeters will help set its products apart as a leader in quality and proven performance that their customers can see for themselves.

If you are interested in learning more about this application or if you have questions about how UVC Dosimeters can enhance the benefits of your UV-C enabled products, please contact us for more information. 

UV toothbrush holder which uses UVC dosimeters to verify UV light

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