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Intellego Launches New Quick Check Dosimeter for LED (260-280 nm) Devices


SOLNA, SWEDEN (March 4, 2022) — Intellego Technologies today announced the launch of a new colorimetric dose indicator based on the popular Quick Check design. The new dosimeter, identified as UVCLED-QCC, will color-indicate UV-C doses ranging from 6, 10 and 25 mJ/cm² when exposed to 260-280 nm of UV-C.

“Our new Quick Check dosimeter for LED devices will provide visible evidence and verification of disinfection cycles for UV-C devices using LEDs,” said Intellego Technologies CEO Claes Lindahl. “With the growth of LEDs for UV-C disinfection systems, we are proud to continue to meet the needs of the industry and offer the most reliable, accurate and trusted dosimeters in the world.”

The UVCLED Quick Check is sold in 12-unit pouches, which are ideal for monthly auditing of UV-C devices. As the indicator is exposed to UV-C irradiation, a visible check mark appears which makes it apparent and obvious that successful germicidal irradiation has been delivered. Because UV-C irradiation is part of the invisible ultraviolet spectrum, it is important to verify that germicidal output is occurring. UVC Dosimeters by Intellego Technologies are the world’s leading colorimetric indicators for UV-C irradiation. 

LED Quick Check Dosimeter - unexposed


LED Quick Check Dosimeter - 10 mJ/cm exposure

10 mJ/cm² exposure

LED Quick Check Dosimeter - 25 mJ/cm exposure

25 mJ/cm² exposure

Intellego’s UVC Dosimeters are validated by RISE, the Research Institutes of Sweden and are currently being studied by independent research organizations in the United States. When stored at room temperature in the original packaging and away from direct sunlight, Intellego’s UVC Dosimeters have a 3-year shelf life.

According to Lindahl, private label and customizations are available in certain quantities. For more information on this or any of Intellego’s UVC Dosimeters, email info@intellego-technologies.com

The UVCLED Quick Check is scheduled to ship worldwide in late March 2022.

Online: https://uvcdosimeters.com/uvc-led-quick-check

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