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As the #1 colorimetric indicator in world, our UVC Dosimeters are trusted and utilized by leading UV-C manufacturers, researchers and healthcare facilities around the globe. If you’d like to become a partner, let’s talk!
american ultraviolet uvc dosimeter

“Numerous independent studies prove UV energy is effective for disinfection. Now everyone who uses our UVC Dosimeter will know for certain that they’re delivering the dosages necessary to eradicate the intended pathogens.” Website

prescientx uvc dosimeters

“Intellego Technologies offers our customers and UVC users across the market the ability to test the output and dosage of their equipment. At Prescientx, we believe that dosage and frequency are the keys to pathogen and bioburden elimination. Intellego answers that difficult question about the dosage delivered from our UVC equipment.” Website

american ultraviolet uvc dosimeter

“Dosimeters are an integral part of the UV-C disinfection process. How else can you be sure you are reaching the necessary dosage levels? All UV-C companies should be recommending the use of these highly effective and affordable validation tools.” Website

surfacide UVC Dosimeter

“We utilize Intellego Technologies’ UVC Dosimeters to validate proper dose and energy delivery and particularly to show the enhanced coverage of more surfaces and shadow reduction when comparing Surfacide to single emitter and first-generation UV-C systems.” Website

finsen tech uvc dosimeters

“At Finsen Tech we believe in providing our customers with the best in class across our whole portfolio. The UVC Dosimeters by Intellego Technologies not only provide a fantastic visual indication of applied UVC energy but offer the reassurance to our customers of the power, reach and repeatability of THOR UVC®, with minimal intervention from the end user.” Website

UV Smart UVC dosimeter

“Intellego Technologies’ UVC Dosimeters help our customers validate the use of our product on a daily basis. The technology saves them precious time and costly validation processes, while delivering perfect results.” Website

inpro technologies uvc dosimeters

“The UVC Dosimeters by Intellego allow us to validate the exposure of contoured surfaces like N95 masks. A key feature for us is how well the dosimeters indicate UVC exposure, even with high intensity broadband UV sources.”  Website

inpro technologies uvc dosimeters

Dosimeter cards are essential to our UVC portfolio as they help validate our UVC products effectiveness, efficiency and productivity. They provide a simple to use, dynamic visual indication of UVC dose and surface exposure.   Website

inpro technologies uvc dosimeters

“At Germbusters our mission is visually showing the intangible- using UV light to sterilize pathogens naked to the visible eye. Intellego Technologies’ UVC Dosimeters allow us to dynamically visualize the process of UV intensity, fluence and distance in a simple and effective way that anyone can understand.”  Website


UV Dosimeter Technology…
In a New Light

Our goal is to save lives, and we focus on two areas: facilities that use UV-C disinfection systems and everyday people who are concerned about the dangers of exposure to the sun’s UV-A and UV-B wavelengths. By utilizing our patented UV dosimeter technology, we can help facilities improve disinfection rates and support individuals with wearable technology that indicates when it’s time to reapply sunscreen or go inside.