UVC Dosimeters for Every Industry

UVC Dosimeters help you visibly demonstrate the effectiveness of you UVC disinfection processes so you can restore confidence to your patients, employees, customers, guests, visitors, clients and more. If you’re looking for Private Label options for your specific industry or business need, let’s talk.

UVC disinfection for healthcare


Keeping healthcare facilities clean and safe has never been more critical. If your EVS or Sterile Processing teams are using UV-C for disinfection and decontamination, talk to us about how we can help them visualize and validate their processes and devices with color-changing UVC dose indicators.


UVC disinfection for business


COVID-19 has changed the way we work, but there are effective ways that we can get back to business in safe environments. If you’re considering UV-C disinfection for your office or commercial space, talk to us about our easy-to-use UVC dose indicators can help you deploy the technology in a safe and verifiable way.


uvc for dental offices


Dental practices can benefit greatly from the use of UVC disinfection in your offices. There are products designed for HVAC and upper air, surface disinfection with handheld units or mobile towers, and UVC cabinets to irradiate instruments and surgical masks. Whatever type of device you’re using, validate its use with UVC Dosimeters so you can #SeeYourSuccess.


UVC disinfection for education


Students, teachers, parents and administrators are all looking for ways to make schools safe environments for learning. UVC Dosimeters provide a visual report card so everyone can see that an optimal dose of UVGI has been delivered. Restore confidence and create healthier environments with UVC disinfecton and color-changing UVC Dosimeters from Intellego Technologies


UVC disinfection for airports


Modern transportation moves us around the world, but it can also be an easy way for bacteria and viruses to spread. UVC disinfection is being deployed to make travel safer, by disinfecting security bins, handrails, public seating areas and more. Make sure you’re validating your use of UVC with color-changing UVC Dosimeters so staff can truly see that this invisible technology of ultraviolet germicidal irradiation is working.


UVC disinfection for casinos


Casinos shouldn’t gamble when it comes to the health of their guests and staff. That’s why many are introducing enhanced manual cleaning efforts plus UVC to quickly disinfect high-touch items like poker chips, dice, playing cards and more. Keeping score of this process is easy with UVC Dosimeters that show when the right dose of germicidal UVC energy has been delivered.