As the use of UV-C disinfection expands, it’s critical to validate its use to ensure surfaces have received an appropriate dose of energy to kill pathogens. UVC Dosimeters by Intellego provide visible evidence immediately after an ultraviolet disinfection cycle to provide confidence and assurance of success. In this video, Wendy Brady explains how color-changing UVC Dosimeters work hand-in-hand with UV-C disinfection to support safer environments and combat the spread of harmful pathogens.


Since the COVID pandemic started, UV-C has been getting a lot of attention in the news – and for good reason. It’s a proven and powerful tool. We know it can kill C. Diff spores. And it’s been shown to be highly effective in killing SARS-COV-2, the virus that causes COVID, when sufficient energy is delivered.

“In a study by Signify and Boston University, researchers found that SARS-CoV-2 can be eliminated by UV-C at a dose of 22 mJ/cm². That’s really exciting news. But let me ask you… what does 22 mJ/cm² look like? How do you know when a surface has received that much germicidal irradiation?”

This is why UVC dosimeters are critical to the disinfection process. By placing these cards or dots around a room or inside a UVC cabinet, you can actually see the dose delivered immediately after a UV-C disinfection cycle.

Based on the color change, a staff member has visible evidence that their device has delivered 25, 50 or even 100 millijoules of germicidal irradiation to surfaces.

The front line workers in healthcare, the Environmental Services staff, are tasked with not only manually cleaning their facilities – but also using no-touch technologies like UV-C to ensure that nothing gets missed. Today, faced with COVID and countless other drug-resistant pathogens in the healthcare environment, it’s vitally important that EVS staff have the tools to be successful… because as we know, it’s a matter of life and death.

UVC Dosimeters provide visible evidence and give staff the confidence that they’ve successfully disinfected a room. Keeping our healthcare facilities safe has never been more critical and validating the UV-C disinfection process is vital to success.

Measurement and validation of processes is nothing new in healthcare, especially when it comes to traditional cleaning methods. ATP tests and fluorescent markers are commonly used to audit processes and enable staff to “SEE” if their methods have been effective. Now there’s a way to measure, monitor and validate the process of UV-C disinfection… with color-changing indicators that make it ‘ridiculously simple.’

UV-C is a critical intervention in making healthcare environments safer – and at Intellego, we want to ensure that it’s used effectively and efficiently. We work with leading UV-C device manufacturers who utilize our dosimeters to help their clients SEE the success of germicidal irradiation.

I’ve said it often in my presentations and I’ll say it again… UV-C is the LIGHT that leads us out of this pandemic. And its continued use will be vital to protecting our hospitals against future outbreaks and the on-going issue of multi-drug resistant pathogens that lead to HAIs.

Infection prevention isn’t limited to the healthcare environment. The use of UV-C is rapidly expanding in virtually every industry and public spaces. We’re seeing it being deployed in restaurants, retail stores, hotels and offices to keep customers and staff safe. We’re seeing UV-C used by transit authorities to keep buses and metro cars disinfected. It’s being used in airports and on airplanes to help make travel safer. It’s being used in schools and in homes. And in all these examples and more, you’ll see that UVC Dosimeters by Intellego are a critical component to validate the disinfection process.

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